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T Bolt Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India – Jinnox Bolt

Jinnox Bolt is a market leading T Bolt Manufacturer in India, T Bolts were manufactured in accordance with national and international industry standards, utilizing high grade raw materials and cutting edge technology. As a top T Bolt Supplier, our T Bolt Fasteners and other products are subjected to many quality inspections before being packaged.

As a leading T Bolt Manufacturer, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the way, from selecting the correct T Bolt Fasteners to offering technical assistance and direction. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and assuring your total satisfaction.

T Bolt Manufacturer in India

T Bolt Manufacturer in India – About Description

Jinnox Bolt is an established T Bolt Manufacturer in India. We are pleased to supply a wide range of high quality T Bolts made with cutting edge technology and premium materials. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that our T Bolts satisfy the highest quality and performance requirements.

We are a top tier T Bolt Manufacturer in addition to being a leading T Bolt Supplier in India. Our knowledge goes beyond T Bolts, allowing us to supply a complete choice of high quality hex bolts to meet your fastening requirements. We are also a premier Hex Bolt Manufacturer.

T Bolt Specification, Standard & Sizes – Characteristics

When it comes to selecting the right T Bolt for your applications, understanding the required specifications is vital. Jinnox Bolt, a reputable T Bolt Manufacturer, we recognize the importance of compatibility and offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.

T Bolt Specification, Standard & Sizes
T Bolts Sizes M6 – M36
T Bolt System Metric Size
T Bolts Materials Carbon Steel Alloy/Steel/Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel, Duplex, Etc.
Standard of T Bolt EU, IFI, CSN, Italian, ASME, British BS, Indian IS, ISO, DIN, Polish PN, SAE
T Bolts Finished Self Colour Zp YZP H.D.G

Most Popular T Bolt – Available Stocks

Jinnox Bolt a foremost T Bolt Supplier in India, we are committed to providing quality through our unrivaled knowledge, large product line, and inexpensive price.

Chemical Composition of T Bolt

T Bolts serve an important part in many fastening applications and are essential components. They come in a variety of materials and grades to ensure maximum performance and endurance in a wide range of settings.

Chemical Composition of T Bolt

Property class

Material and heat treatment

Chemical composition limit (cast analysis, %)a
















Mechanical Properties of T Bolt

When it comes to maintaining the effective operation of mechanical structures, choosing the appropriate T Bolt Manufacturer & Supplier is of utmost importance. Who can offer you with precise composition and specification.

Mechanical Properties of T Bolt
Hardness- Rockwell Proof load ksi Heating temperature Nominal Dia in ASTM A194 Nut Grade
159-352 150 0 °F 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2
C24-C38 175 850 °F – 450 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2H
159-237 150 1150 °F – 620 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2HM
C24-C38 175 1100 °F – 600 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 4
C24-C38 175 1100 °F – 600 °C 1/4 – 4 7
159-237 150 1150 °F – 620 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 7M
126-300 80 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 8
126-300 80 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 8M

Packaging, Delivery & Application

Jinnox Bolt uses the most safest and the most effective ways of packaging for all types of deliveries. We pack our goods in various ways such as:

img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img6 img7 img8
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Wooden Crates
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Carton Boxes
  • Shrink-Wrapped
  • Bubble Wrap Packing Material
  • Laminated & Metallized Films
  • Wooden or Plastic Crates

Additional Information of T Bolt

  • Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging: T Bolt are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax: 18% GST.

Various Types of Bolts We Supply

We provide a wide selection of Bolts listed below as a leading T Bolt Manufacturer & T Bolt Supplier. Reach out to us right away if you want a specific standard or type.

Various Types of Bolts We Supply
Bolts Types We Supply
Hex Bolt Allen Cap Bolt
Anchor Bolt High Tensile Hex Bolt
Eye Bolt Square Bolt
T Bolt Carriage Bolt

Client Projects For T Bolt Manufacturer

A reputable firm recognized for its dedication to prompt delivery, affordable price, and high quality T Bolts. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner in serving many industries across India as a top T Bolt Supplier. If you have any inquiries regarding our products, we are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@jinnoxoverseas.com or WhatsApp us at +91 96642 52508.

Client Projects For T Bolt
Product supplied Cities
T Bolt Supplied to Oil & Gas Industry Ahmedabad
All types of T Bolt Supplied Mumbai
T Bolt Surat
T Bolt Supplier Bengaluru

T Bolt Supplier in Below Mentioned Cities

We supply T bolts in major Indian cities such as Lucknow, Gwalior, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and others as a prominent T bolt Manufacturer. We have supplied tonnes of containers of top notch bolts throughout India, which has helped us establish ourselves as a major T Bolt Supplier & T Bolt Stockist.

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  • T Bolt Supplier in Bangalore
  • T Bolt Supplier in Pune
  • T Bolt Supplier in Hyderabad
  • T Bolt Supplier in Delhi
  • T Bolt Supplier in Indore
  • T Bolt Supplier in Gujarat
  • T Bolt Supplier in Ludhiana
  • T Bolt Supplier in Panna
  • T Bolt Supplier in Jaipur

Exporting T Bolt to the Following Countries

We have established ourselves as the top T Bolt Exporter in India, partly due to our expanding presence on worldwide market places. We have a reputation for quality because to our large inventory and capacity to satisfy a variety of client needs that is why we are regarded as a top T Bolt Supplier & T Bolt Stockist.

  • T Bolt Supplier in USA
  • T Bolt Supplier in Canada
  • T Bolt Supplier in Australia
  • T Bolt Supplier in Brazil
  • T Bolt Supplier in Kuwait
  • T Bolt Supplier in Kuwait
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  • T Bolt Supplier in UAE