Bolt Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India

Bolt Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India – Jinnox Bolt

Jinnox Bolt is a leading Bolt Manufacturer in India, known for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Since it started, we have been catering top-quality fasteners to various industries such as automobile, construction, aerospace etc. We have modernized and well-equipped manufacturing facilities, with the latest equipment to manufacture high-quality bolts as per international standards.

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern. We aim to serve you with the best service, and fast delivery and we will Custom-fit the requirements of the customers. We have a wide distribution network and are committed to providing total quality service. Loyal customers within the country and abroad are feedback to Jinnox Bolt’s standard of excellence with their repeat orders. We are a top-quality bolt manufacturing company in India and other major countries.

Bolt Manufacturers in India

Bolt Manufacturer in India – About Description

Jinnox Bolt is a top Bolt Manufacturers in India. We focus on providing the most premium Bolts that are made with the help of the latest technology and the best quality Bolt materials. Our Fasteners are used in diverse industries across a board ranging from petroleum, transportation and construction.

As a Bolt Supplier in India that has the highest quality, we provide bolts which are in the different standards such as DIN, UTS, ANSI, ISO, along with other specified variety in order to be able to fit with our clients that are diverse. We are a top-notch Bolt Manufacturer in India. Our bolts are compliant type being offered in different shapes, breadth, pitch as well as the endurance of the threads to permit match with a variety of connectors or screws. We are also known as a top-tier Nut Manufacturer.

Bolt Specification, Standard & Sizes – Characteristics

Before buying a Bolt, it’s essential to understand the needed specifications similar as size, thread pitch, material, and finish to ensure compatibility with the bolt or screw.

Bolt Specification, Standard & Sizes
Standard EU, IFI, CSN, Italian, ASME, British BS, Indian IS, ISO, DIN, Polish PN, SAE
Sizes M 2 to M 33
Length 3 mm to 200 mm
Materials High Tensile, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel Fasteners, Incoloy Fasteners, Hastelloy Fasteners, Monel Fasteners, Silicon Bronze, Phospher Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Nickel, Brass, Copper, Copper Nickel, Nitronic, Nimonic, ASME, ASTM
Coating PTFE Coated, Hot Dip galvanized, Yellow Zinc Plated, Blue Zinc Plated, Black Zinc Plated, Zinc Cobalt Plated, Aluminium Zinc Flake Coated, Black Phosphate, Zinc Plated, Nickel Plated
High Tensile grades 8.8 Bolts, 10.9, 12.9, 14.9
Forming Hot Forged & Cold Forged

Most Popular Bolt – Available Stocks

As the leading Bolt Manufacturer in India, we take pride in our extensive skills which allow us to offer a wide range of quality products at the most competitive prices.

Chemical Composition of Bolt

Bolts are an essential component of many fastening applications and come in a range of materials and grades.

Chemical Composition of Bolt

Property class

Material and heat treatment

Chemical composition limit (cast analysis, %)a
















Mechanical Properties of Bolt

It is important to understand mechanical structure to its specific by choosing Jinnox Bolt a reputable Bolt Supplier in India making it easy and timely delivery at doorstep.

Mechanical Properties of Bolt
Hardness- Rockwell Proof load ksi Heating temperature Nominal Dia in ASTM A194 Nut Grade
159-352 150 0 °F 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2
C24-C38 175 850 °F – 450 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2H
159-237 150 1150 °F – 620 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 2HM
C24-C38 175 1100 °F – 600 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 4
C24-C38 175 1100 °F – 600 °C 1/4 – 4 7
159-237 150 1150 °F – 620 °C 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 7M
126-300 80 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 8
126-300 80 1/4 – 4 ASTM A194 Grade 8M

Additional Information of Bolts

  • Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
  • Packaging: Bolts are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  • Tax: 18% GST.

Various Types of Bolts We Supply

As a leading Bolt Manufacturers & Bolt Supplier, we offer a wide range of Bolts listed below contact us today if you need a specific standard or type.

Various Types of Bolts We Supply
Bolts Types We Supply
Hex Bolt Allen Cap Bolt
Anchor Bolt High Tensile Hex Bolt
Eye Bolt Square Bolt
T Bolt Carriage Bolt

Client Projects For Bolt Manufacturer

With “Jinnox Bolt” you get fast delivery, low cost, and best quality Bolt. Initially, we started providing with Bolt to many industries in India and then we became a Top Fasteners Manufacturer. If there is anything that you would want to know about our goods/services, feel free to email us at or WhatsApp us at +91 96642 52508.

Client Projects For Bolt Manufacturer
Product supplied Cities
Bolt Supplied to Oil & Gas Industry Ahmedabad
All types of Bolt Supplied Mumbai
Stainless Steel Bolt Surat
Carbon Steel Bolt Bengaluru

Bolt Supplier in Below Mentioned Cities

Jinnox Bolt is a leading Bolt Manufacturer, we supply in cities including Lucknow, Gwalior, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and other major cities in India. We are known Fasteners Manufacturer. Throughout India, we have supplied tons of containers of premium quality Bolts which led us to become a prominent Bolt Stockist in India.

  • Bolt Supplier in Mumbai
  • Bolt Supplier in Bangalore
  • Bolt Supplier in Pune
  • Bolt Supplier in Hyderabad
  • Bolt Supplier in Delhi
  • Bolt Supplier in Indore
  • Bolt Supplier in Gujarat
  • Bolt Supplier in Ludhiana
  • Bolt Supplier in Panna
  • Bolt Supplier in Jaipur

Exporting Bolt to the Following Countries

Jinnox Bolt a top-tier Fasteners Manufacturer, we export Bolt to UAE, European countries, Africa, Asian countries, and all other continents. Due to our growing customer base, we export a Bolt to new places and ports each month. Our products each month go to different nations. We are India’s leading Bolt Supplier & Bolt Stockist, our Bolts are manufactured with High-Quality Standards.